2015 UK Election

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DTV wrote:And is everyone forgetting that UKIP briefly had an MP in 2008, for 6 months whom was about as effective as, well a single MP.
Eh? I've heard it mentioned on multiple occasions; this is more significant because the UKIP MP was elected, not as a result of a defection.
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UKIP are now pushing back into Cloud coo coo land.

http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/t ... -1-3570714

THE UK Independence Party will target up to a dozen safe Labour seats at Westminster as part of a “rust belt” general election ­strategy in working-class parts of Scotland that have lost heavy industry and seen major job losses.

The party’s Scottish MEP, David Coburn, told The Scotsman that Ukip will target the constituencies in the same way it canvassed voters in the Heywood and Middleton by-election last week, when it came within just 600 votes of winning what had been a ­Labour stronghold in Manchester.

Labour seats held by Ed Miliband’s shadow cabinet ministers Margaret Curran and Jim Murphy in the Glasgow area, and Falkirk, which is represented by the disgraced MP Eric Joyce, formerly of the party, are on Ukip’s Scottish hit list for next May’s general election.

The MEP said another possible target was the constituency of Moray, which is held by the SNP’s Westminster ­leader, Angus Robertson, one of six 
Nationalist MPs. Read more at the link

There is a high chance of SNP grabbing all the seats than UKIP, especial since all those nice areas voted "YES"
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All this projection of byelection gains is total nonsense. People like to feel like they're rocking the boat in a byelection. Generally people go for the more bland "change" (best said in a zombie-like voice ala "brains") at general elections.

If they do more than hold Clacton I'd be surprised.
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I think you have misjudge this, people know it will be another Coalition government, I wouldn't' be surprised if the Greens win an Oxford seat either.
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Some people never learn do they ? Everytime that UKIP is insulted its poll ratings go up. Labour politicians such as Jack Straw and Frank Field have called for their party to address concerns raised by UKIP voters.
I'm homosexual and I'm HIV positive and I wish that the government would do more to help HIV people like me already in the UK instead of allowing anybody who has HIV into the UK.
Regarding the councilor who blamed gay people for this years storms I want you all to know that people like him are very much in the minority in UKIP. Scottish MEP David Coburn is typical of the sort of person that can be found in UKIP.
UKIP isn't racist just look up who its MEP for Yorkshire is and you'll see what I mean.
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Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

Obvious shill is obvious. Mr Schnieder, you can go back to your normal account.
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Peter Crossley wrote:UKIP isn't racist.
Are you sure about that? There is a lot of evidence to the contrary such as they are in favour of scrapping equality and race relations legislation for a start.
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Latest Polling:

CON 35%
LAB 36%
UKIP 13%
GRN 3%

CON 28%
LAB 32%
UKIP 19%
GRN 5%

CON 31%
LAB 35%
LDEM 11%
UKIP 14%
GRN 4%
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Polls will have to become less centralised, and more localised if the companies likes mori and you gov have any chance of getting the result right.

Lets be fair here, people are fed up and have seen a chance to rock the boat, in a big way.
all new Phil
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People are always "fed up".
Thought this was a nice forum, clearly not.
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all new Phil wrote:People are always "fed up".
What about the people who voted for Labour in 2001? there were not fed up.
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