Acquiring Metropol (possible offer)

Dillon Lawrence
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This is a proposal regarding the acquisition of Metropol, which I have been considering for some time. Is this on the cards and/or what offer would you be willing to accept? When acquired, I would be working to improve the forum.

Dillon Lawrence
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Might I inquire as to how you intend to improve Metropol?

And what offer are you willing to make?
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*rummages in pockets*

How about 47p, a fluffy mint and a used bus ticket?
Dillon Lawrence
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Hi thanks for the response.

Well, I have a lot of experiance in forums and have dealt with phpBB, XenForo, IPB etc. I would also be improving features such as Metropol uploads and offer a much more modern site design, while not upsetting anyone. An app would also be on offer. I do have the money to invest. I would of course seek advice from members which are current, to avoid angering them (I've seen companies such as Internet Brands acquire forums, and then see them make changes which ruins them). Another positive change I would probably make is moving it to my server which has dedicated resources.

With regards to offers, please set a minimum amount in which you would be willing to accept.

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I'm out.
Good Lord!
Dillon Lawrence
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iSon wrote:I'm out.
Sorry? Do you mean you are leaving because of any bad changes. This will not be the case.

Things will improve granted, but not without thoughts of current users. Believe it or not I care. I care about what members think :)
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Gavin Scott
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Hi Dillan! Its great to hear from you, especially with your money, ideas and such and such.

Are you wedded to the idea of purchase, or would you consider some kind of investment for bits of the site? Your own sub-forum or a weekly blog page? You could just be bold and ask for the user database, but needless to say I'd want pots of lolly for that and we'd have to keep it between ourselves. Anyhoo, why don't you let me know what your budget is and we can take it from there.

I'm relieved, frankly, to get this offer. I'm not much cop with the internets and all the technical bits, so you'd be doing me a favour.

Please don't discuss this on the main board. It looks a bit shabby so that's why I'm sending this as a private message.

Byeee ;)
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I would be happy to sell my shares in this site if I receive a reasonable offer.
Dillon Lawrence
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Hi Gavin Scott.

Agreed :)
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Ah, so that's why you shut down cableturn :!:
Dillon Lawrence
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dosxuk wrote:Ah, so that's why you shut down cableturn :!:
Cableturn hasn't closed. Absolutely not. I have much experiance in forums and Cableturn is under development.
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