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I went into my local branch of Lloyds Bank today for the first time (just moved to St Albans) and it's very much still sporting an early Lloyds TSB look. Whilst the exterior has new signage, all the interior signage is from the early-2000s era, just with the TSB scrubbed out. It's all pre-'For the Journey', with some old signage and branding (italic words in rectangles) that I haven't seen in years. It's the first branch that I've ever seen to be quite this outdated.

The Ipswich branch was due a refit before having it done just before the de merger, back in the summer of 2013, but even that branch had 'For the journey'-era signage, even though the fittings themselves were from an earlier brand.

And for this branch to still be like this two years after the de merger (especially given the TSB elements that have been rather carelessly crossed out) is quite unbelievable.

Anybody else got a branch like this near them?
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(continued from Barclays thread)

Talking of TSB - am I lucky that I have not had one single issue with them over the past month while every other customer seems to have had? I've used my mobile banking, paid tradesmen using my mobile, transferred money and even WeSwapped £700 into SEK without no issues whatever.
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I've had a few minor niggles. They failed to collect the direct debit for my credit card, so wrote to me to say they'd do it two weeks late. The online banking appears unable to give me a PDF statement, so I had to go to a branch to get a paper copy. And yesterday I got an email telling me there was an important message for me online, but when I logged in there was none.

But they're going to give me 5% interest on a current account, so I'll be keeping that for now.
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