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So, here in the East, it's been snowing all day, which is horrible, as I thought we'd seen the last of the snow mid-February (saying the same thing then when it returned after January, and so on) and it's the most pathetic snow I've seen in a while, as whilst it's setting, it's more of an 'icing sugar' style of snow than it is proper thick stuff. This is a horrible contrast to last week, where we had some sunny days and nice warm temperatures.

As usual, the gritters haven't been out, and you can see that black ice is forming in some areas, which will no doubt show how ineffective we are at coping with even the littlest of snow when everyone falls over in a few days. Hopefully it won't stick around, but the forecast said it would stop but four hours ago. It's also quite windy, so all the snow is getting kicked up at every gust, which contributes to the freezing temperatures we're experiencing.

On top of all this, quite a few people are kicking a fuss up on Facebook as if this is the end of the world (it isn't, it's just inconvenient, in case you weren't sure).

So, what's it like where you are? Please tell me it's not just my area that's suffering!
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Well, it's a bit parky. I might have to turn the heating up.
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Yep, same sort of snow here too in Norfolk, and driving conditions are pretty bad due to poor visibility - the wind is absolutely biting, it feels a lot colder than -2... My house has only just warmed up.

It doesn't seem possible it got up 17°c a few days ago.... Getting a bit fed up with it now. Last weekend basically chucked it down both days, I hate being stuck indoors.
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Sun is shining here. No snow, but it's fecking cold.
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This is nothing new, Jersey had this type of weather in 1987 and again in 1979.

Up in sunny Scotland, it not that uncommon for no snow all season then for it to appear in early march :P

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This reminded me of something an ex-colleague used to roll out whenever it was particularly cold in Spring.

He'd talk of a year that had a record breaking summer, yet there was widespread snow in June.
A quick google suggests it was 1975... I probably should have listened more.

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Whilst we had quite a bit of snow last night, today it's been nice and sunny, with just a few clouds in the sky. The wind is still bitterly cold, but even that has died down. However, the snow has done it's work, and there's black ice on every pavement - the gritters did seem to eventually get out, though.
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Statistically snow is more likely in March than in December.
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