Crying over buying milk

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Well, I knew something had changed when I picked up some milk but didn't realise it was the Wiseman name disappearing. On the packaging, I notice the cow print remains but a swirly font and terrible "Müllerlicious" tagline has been added:


Also, this is a 1-litre plastic container. Have the 'square' cardboard cartons been replaced?
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MarkAshley wrote: Fri 15 Sep, 2017 21.29 I've never got on with their brand, given their tendency to use litre volumes rather than pints. This is by no means a Faragerant - it's purely an observation that it seems to be done in the hope that the great British public won't notice they are being screwed out of 0.272l of milk per 4 pints, yet for the same price #damnyouonestop.
Possibly due to their own-brand being used to supply smaller shops more often than major supermarkets? Grahams tend to do it up here with Grahams branded milk, but Lidl's Aberdoyle branded milk (made by Grahams) is sold as 4 pints.

Same as how Booker is full of slightly smaller packs of cereal so they can "price match" with the supermarkets whilst maintaining a decent enough margin?
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