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Copying DVDs/VOB Files

Posted: Tue 15 May, 2012 17.49
by Si-Co
I could do with a bit of advice. I have searched the internet but not came up with anything particularly constructive.

I have some DVDs which someone has compiled for me - they are basically old TV programmes in VOB format, and watchable on a standard DVD player, and I've offered to copy them for someone.

I can copy them into wmv format no problem with Freemake, but I want to copy them into a format that can be watched on a DVD player - probably VOB again, I would expect.

I've tried this using Freemake and had no success. The internet pointed me to a couple of other free programs but neither seemed to work.

Can anyone suggest a free or economical program that can do this?

Also, the DVDs I have a DVD-R - do the DVDs I copy the files onto also have to be DVD-R, or is +R ok?