High Street chain collapse sweepstake

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It’ll come to all of us. One day in the future you’ll be on a coach to one of them. You can’t stop it.
Thought this was a nice forum, clearly not.
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Ha. I didn't realise how many shops outside Scotland are actually EWM branded. I genuinely thought they just sold tartan tourist tat, golfers jumpers and shortbread.

Re the warehouses - as a kid, I would be dragged around one of those old mills whilst my mum picked out cardigans for all the elderly aunts and uncles in the family. Even then they were bleak places with horrible restaurants, and hardly any customers. Presumably dirt cheap to run and the occasional influx of tourist coaches were probably quite lucrative.

An example from TripAdvisor:
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Gap considers closing all its UK stores

I shop there occasionally - it's about the only place I can find jeans that fit - but their sales wind me up. If you wait long enough, they'll do a 40% off everything event, and it does make me wonder how much of a profit margin they must be making out of people who are green enough to pay full price.
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