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Pete wrote: Fri 20 Nov, 2020 22.33
WillPS wrote: Sat 07 Nov, 2020 13.06 I worked on the counters at JS back in 2008. The waste was absolutely horrific, particularly on the salad bar.
what's the waste like on those giant fuck off cakes they always have on the patisserie counter?
Not a lot. We'd usually reduce them and there'd always be someone who bought them. Worst wastage was on the self-service rolls, donuts and pastries, the tong-and-bag affairs.
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After the scoundrels at LastPass emailed to say they're going to be charging for their password manager, I recently took the opportunity to do the security challenge and update some of my passwords. In doing so, I noticed that Habitat is now fully fulfilled by Argos. The user accounts and everything to do with orders is now done using an Argos account.

It's clearly an efficiency move, but the back and forth between the two sites when purchasing is a bit odd. I wonder if further integration is to come.

I can't work out whether this enhances the Argos brand or drags Habitat down a bit, or neither. Just feels slightly disjointed.

In other Sainsbury's news, I like the Nectar/BA Avios hook-up. It's a nice feature that the exchange works both ways and is instant.
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Have they paused Avios to Nectar conversion at the moment? I can’t get it to work, and I wonder if it’s to do with Martin Lewis’ recommendation around getting an Amex card and doing some conversions backwards and forwards where you end up with a few hundred quid of Nectar points.
Thought this was a nice forum, clearly not.
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all new Phil wrote: Fri 05 Mar, 2021 22.08 Have they paused Avios to Nectar conversion at the moment?
I hear on the grapevine that they’re currently paused online.

With many BA accounts still having old-style four digit PINs instead of passwords, they’re really quite hackable. This hasn’t previously been all that big an issue as most Avios redemptions are tightly tied to an ID/address, but the Avios to Nectar conversion was implemented with no requirement for account names or details to match, and coupled with instant spending of Nectar points on eBay it’s allegedly quite easy to hack an Avios account and effectively anonymously cash out now through staged fake eBay purchases. I hear that some people have lots large stashes of Avios over this, so the transfers have been temporarily stopped while the transfer security is sorted, one way or another.

All of which may be nothing more than scurrilous gossip, of course.
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