The finest sausage rolls in all the land

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Inspired by the other thread's talk of Ginsters and my discovery of/newfound obsession with Morrisons' in-store baked sausage rolls, I thought I'd ask the good folk of Metro where they prefer to obtain this particular baked good so that I might sample the very finest.

No I am not mental. I just adore Morrisons' sausage rolls right now.
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morrisons sausage rolls are indeed very tasty, i can't have them in the house.

my favourite sausages rolls tend to me baked by independent bakers, also a butcher near me does some with their secret blend sausage meat which really are gorgeous. greggs sausage rolls are too greasy for me.
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Peter's Foods are based in South Wales. Their sausage roll is infused with onion and smells, tastes and looks gorgeous. They come wrapped in a very particular type of thick, dry pastry with no holes and limited slicing across the top. Nice cold, nicer microwaved, somewhat stodgy from the chip shop though.

They also do a gorgeous selection of slices, such as sausage & baked bean, or pepperoni pizza

When I was at uni, I pleasantly discovered that Tesco Value 8-pack sausage rolls were quite nice.
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The ones from Hampsons are really good (think it's called Sayers in some particular parts of our region?). I'm always slightly disappointed by the ones from Greggs, however - they tend to be a bit on the dry side.

I'm quite partial to a good sausage roll, although I don't eat them nearly as often as I should.
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I have a preference for the Gregg's Jumbo Sausage Roll. And I totally went off Percy Ingle ones.
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Always like the bog standard Co-op ones myself, although a bit too flaky on the outside.

Whilst I'm at it, I've been informed that liking Co-op Sausage rolls is a horrendous thing to do!
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I'm not a big fan of Greggs Hot stuff, like the bake or even the awful pizzas, there cant even produce Steak bride and the Bacon wraps are just cheap knock off of other local bakery products.

There Sandwiches are wonderful and some of the cakes there do are in the league.
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Morrisons' are great, as are those from the Curtis bakery chain in Lincolnshire.

My favourite are my Mum's though!
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The shop on campus at Kent Uni makes some of the very best sausage rolls and cheese/bacon turnovers that I've ever had.

Greggs is pretty nasty, their sausage rolls far too salty for my liking, it's like they've stuck a whole salt shaker on top.
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M&S are very tasty.
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If anyone's ever in Cheltenham, there's a Co-op opposite the railway station there that do some AWESOME fist-sized sausage rolls infused with various flavours like turkey, stuffing and cranberry, sage and onion etc. Bloody gorgeous and bloody expensive so they're ALWAYS reduced. Off work for a couple of weeks so won't be able to ascertain the brand for a while.
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