LimeWire finally out of limes

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Sput wrote:I would make the noise MUHHHHHHHHH but apparently that's grossly offensive. So I'll just say this: it's a joke because you can't spell.
LOL oops well to be fair I am on my iPhone ;-)

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At the end of the day, I believe the responsibility lies with the sharers, not the downloaders. Downloading a file freely available on the internet should not be a crime if that file has been made available. The act of putting that file into the public domain is what should be penalised.
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Apologies for bump.

I have finally, reluctantly, begun to dispose of some of my videos.

Question : If I have already bought a copy of the film on VHS, is there anything morally wrong with me downloading a copy of that film via bitTorrent and then burning it to DVD?

Reason being I resented spending an extra £75 on replacing my vast Buffy VHS collection with DVD boxset after shelling out £25 per boxset on the vids, so why should I spend another £10 per film / TV show replacing a video I spent £15 on 15 years ago?

After all, I could digitise my VHS copies onto DVD using any one of a number of methods, but that would take time that I just do not have. I've already paid for the film once over, so all I'm really cheating is the DVD manufacturing company, and as we all know, it costs pennies to manufacture a disc, and they have terrific markup on them.
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Yeah just do it.
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Dr Lobster* wrote:i actually just search on google for the song i want and download the mp3 of it, just like the good old days (like way back in 1999 when it took an hour for a single song).

does anybody remember using mirc to download mp3s (using @find) and those dreaded ftp sites which used "ratios" (so you had to upload as much as you downloaded etc)?

i stopped using limewire ages ago, it was just full of viruses.
Aha that brings back memories. :D All them FTP sites, and you had to click various banners etc to get the password, which would invariably only last for 3 hours or something, only enough to get a very small portion of your file.
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