Scandals =Easy money

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I've gone wrong in life somewhere. All these sex sandals, not only is it possible to earn ( if reports are to be believed) £10,000 a week for lying on your back then sell it to a mag for considerably less than can be earnt in a year ( tax free of course) it is also possible bag a free house, ammeneties and fags and booze from the state if you have a bubba, no job. If you don't have a british passport you get more.

I like having a reason to get up in the morning. I love my job. I'll never be a millionaire but i don't care. I'm gonna let the state screw me through my working life, cos when i retire i'm gonna screw the state for every penny i can get. If i live to 70. And then i can screw Rooney and sell the story.
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