MFI and Woolworths

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Sat 07 Feb, 2009 23.41

(b) has its place. The main moan year on year is the cold in our store. The foyer and doors have only marginally fixed this though
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Sun 08 Feb, 2009 15.59

We still have nothing in our Woolworths, and it looks such a mess. It's in a very dominating position with a massive double frontage, and its been ravaged inside.

Our MKone is also closing, and its similar, large shop frontage etc. Scarborough will look like a ghost town soon. But there is talk of getting a Primark, a H&M (large enough to have a mens department) and a Starbucks, so I guess its all good.
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Sun 08 Feb, 2009 18.03

Latest victim: Anthony Worrall-Thompson.
Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson has had to shut four restaurants, leaving 60 of his staff redundant.
He visited the businesses on Friday to tell employees their jobs no longer existed due to falling sales and problems in securing bank loans.
The TV chef, 57, turned to personal savings to help keep control of two other restaurants and a delicatessen.
He said he "experienced an unexpected but decisive fall in revenue across the businesses from September 2008".
His holding company, AWT Restaurants Ltd, went into administration last Friday.
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Sun 08 Feb, 2009 18.28

AWT wrote:It makes me cry. It is appalling, to be honest... I am furious that the banks didn't support me.
You're furious the banks didn't support you? Fuck me sonny, you are running a business and not one people depend on where support should be given. Your business went under just like many others, they unlike you do not have a sizeable fortune and second line of work in which to bounce back on so run on sunshine, your whining isn't appreciated.
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Mon 16 Mar, 2009 13.41

I am confused. My local Zavvi was one that got bought by Head entertainment (*snigger*) but is now having a closing down sale. Why would that be?
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Mon 16 Mar, 2009 14.21

Reading up on it, it does seem a bit convoluted what with Zavvi barely lasting a year and now some new company with an equally terrible name coming up to take over the branches that weren't sold to HMV or shuttered. I'm going to guess with Zavvi on the way out and Head coming in (stop giggling Sput) they're going to have one just as my local Virgin Megastore had one before it became a Zavvi though it wasn't more than a refit. Rite of passage if you will, I just really hope they don't use Head as the actual name, doesn't seem too highstreet friendly.
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Mon 16 Mar, 2009 14.33

What I'd like to know is how does HMV's business model differ from the failure that was Zavvi?
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Mon 16 Mar, 2009 14.39

cdd wrote:What I'd like to know is how does HMV's business model differ from the failure that was Zavvi?
I went in Zavvi (Liverpool), the weekend after Christmas and the guy infront of me in the queue asked the guy on the till, what went wrong. The guy replied in saying that they used Woolworths' Entertainment UK division, and the major thing that seperates it from HMV, was that everything they bought was on credit, or something on the lines of.
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Mon 16 Mar, 2009 14.51

As I understand it, Woolworths collapsing meant they had to grab all the money owed to them at once and of course Zavvi being as it was in debt to them (not necessarily a debt that was unreasonable in the time they thought they had to pay it off) it couldn't get stock.
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Sat 13 Nov, 2010 04.15

In 1990, Woolworths made an internal presentation inspiring staff to maintain the momentum of Christmas all year round. Opening with an adaptation of the song 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day' reworked with the lyrics 'Every day should be like Christmas at Woolworths', the video features motivational talks by the directors of Woolworths interspersed with optimistic thoughts from staff and customers.

Part one:

Part two:
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Sat 13 Nov, 2010 10.13

Pontins have filed for bankruptcy today...
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