MFI and Woolworths

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Ten years on, here's what's become of ten East London Woolies: ... rs-on.html
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cwathen wrote:
Sun 14 Nov, 2010 03.03
OMG that brings back memories! I remember the black ADS-Anker tills that they still had until the late 90's. Also quite telling that many/most Woolworths stores still had that shopfit and signeage up to when they closed down 2 years ago - kindof makes you realise how tired they had become, and why it wasn't a complete surprise that they fell.
I wanted the neon Music & Video sign they had in the store in Nottingham! Must have been there since the 80s, and was still there right until they closed. If I'd gone down on the last day I'd probably have been able to get it cheap with them selling off he fixtures and fittings too.
Martin Phillp
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Woolworths in Peckham kept their 80s 'Record Bar' until the very end.
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