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OAP loses £6000 during trip to supermarket
A Dundee pensioner has been left broken-hearted after she lost £6000 during a trip to the supermarket (writes Debbie Kerr).

Mina Robertson (77) was taking the cash to her husband Robert’s home in Cedarwood Drive on Thursday when she mislaid her bag filled with the money.

Mina, who lives in Beechwood, stashed the cash in two male wallets and a brown suede purse and put it into a black bag to keep it safe.

She explained, “I have looked after my man’s money for six years, his pension and his mobility allowance. I have been saving the money at my house for years but my husband, who sometimes gets forgetful, was asking to see it so I took it down.

“We live separately, but have been married for 56 years.

“I had put £2000 in one wallet, £2000 in another and over £2000 in a ladies brown suede purse. I put them in a black bag with a design on the front and took them out.”

Mina stopped off at the Tesco South Road store to get some groceries on the way and decided to get a taxi back to her husband’s house as she was carrying such a large sum of money.

After her journey she was devastated to realise the bag with the money inside had gone missing....
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The Filey & Hunmanby Mercury wrote:Today's Vote
FILEY firefighters were called to Primrose Valley at 4.30pm on Tuesday when a Robin Reliant caught fire.
The fire was sparked by an electrical fault.

They were also called to help tackle a chip pan fire in Wooler Street, Scarborough, on Sunday, and a bedroom fire in Londesborough Road, Scarborough, on Monday.

VANDALS damaged the wing mirror of a Nippy taxi transit van while it was parked in Rutland Street, Filey, overnight on Tuesday.

The wing mirror was folded back and an implement was used to smash the glass.

AN automatic fire alarm was triggered by an aerosol spray at Chapel Court in Filey.

Local firefighters were called shortly after 7pm on Sunday.
And their wonderful months-old poll:
The Filey & Hunmanby Mercury wrote:Today's Vote
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EMERGENCY services were called into action to lift an obese man out of a first-floor window in Ipswich so he could be taken to hospital.

Paramedics were despatched yesterday to a property above the Golden Key pub in Woodbridge Road, where the 58-year-old victim was suffering a medical emergency.

But they soon enlisted the help of the fire service when it became apparent they needed extra hands to get the patient to the ambulance.

Paramedics and firefighters spent around hour treating the patient and securing him to a stretcher before he was lifted out of a window above the pub.

He was brought down a ladder and taken to an ambulance, which took him to Ipswich Hospital.

Police were called to monitor traffic while the operation was carried out.

Eye-witness Francis Whittaker, 22, from Woodbridge, said: “From what I could see, they had taken the whole window out. Paramedics and firefighters were inside with stretchers.

“It appeared they were having trouble accessing the patient and couldn't get him downstairs. There was a big emergency service presence.”

The man's condition is not known, but a spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service said it was an emergency situation.

He added: “It was a little bit awkward getting him out of the property so we asked the fire service to help.”

A spokeswoman for the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service said two crews were sent to assist a “bariatric” patient. ... 3A07%3A637

Not normal in Ipswich, I assure you...
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Manchester evening news wrote: ... ween_crisp
Mum spooked by 'screaming' Halloween crisp

Simon Thacker

October 27, 2009
KATIE Corcoran got an early Halloween shock when she came face to face with a ghoulish crisp resembling Edvard Munch's painting The Scream.

Mum-of-one Katie, 40, of Brierley Road East, Swinton, said: "With it being near Halloween, I wondered if it was some sort of promotion but when I looked at the other crisps, they were just normal.

"I was a bit spooked at first but it is quite funny. I will keep it and show it to my friends. It's almost like it really has eyes - the detail in it looks like eyeballs.
That's it. The whole story. And yes, there's a picture...
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A letter in last night's evening telegraph:
The Life Of Riley is yet another clever sitcom from Caroline Quentin.

It reminds me of My Family starring Robert Lindsay. In time, I have no doubt The Riley sitcom will notch up the enviable accolade as one of the finest — becoming classic terrain (like My Family definitely is).

A beautiful, pop-style theme song introduces Riley — then it’s fast funny and always entertaining.

The whole cast is great, but Caroline is the star of the show. — J. I. Matthew.
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Apparently, a local town's public loo's cost a fee to get into.. for Women.

For men, there's no cost, but for the ladies 20p has to be paid for entrance.

Full story:
Evening Star (The local Rag) wrote:SPENDING a penny in one Suffolk town is leaving half the population feeling rather short changed.

The cost of the 20p levy for the privilege of using a council toilet block in Sudbury is not what is leaving people reeling - it is the fact it is only being rigorously applied to women.

When men use the public conveniences in Gaol Lane they are able to do so at no cost, providing they stay clear of the single cubicle.

But for women the charge is unavoidable and has led to Sue Hood, a White Notley parish councillor, to label it a “sexist” charging policy by Babergh District Council.

She was left fuming on a visit to Sudbury yesterday after she joked her husband James should not forget his 20p, but then discovered it was only the fairer sex it applied to.

Mrs Hood, 61, said: “I think it is quite sexist. Does it mean if women have to take their little boys into the toilets with them they have to pay but if they go in (the men's toilet) by themselves they do not?

“I understand they have to pay to keep the toilets clean but I think men make more mess than women mostly, or as much as.”

The Medical secretary at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, who lives in White Notley, said the charge would not stop her visiting Sudbury but had left a sour taste on her day out.

A spokeswoman for Babergh District Council, who own the toilet block at Gaol Lane and employ Sudbury Town Council staff to operate it, refused to comment on claims it was a sexist charging policy.

But she said: “Any money collected is ploughed straight back into the cost of running and maintaining this public amenity.”

The charging system is operated through a coin slot on the handle to the cubicles.

A sign at the entrance to the facility indicates there are free public conveniences available on the other side of the town centre at the bus station site in Hamilton Road.
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GMTV2009 wrote:Apparently, a local town's public loo's cost a fee to get into.. for Women.

For men, there's no cost, but for the ladies 20p has to be paid for entrance.
My surprise is that a town the size of Sudbury has multiple sets of public conveniences.
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