Baffling local news stories

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Pete wrote:you know that's important news tho!

Fenwick's window = Christmas.
True. I was more tickled by "BREAKNG" than the story itself... so it's not really a 'baffling local news story'. Consider my head suitably hung in shame.
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Windows can break though.

As can Windows™
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Trying to decipher this bizarre rambling story has occupied too much of my morning, and I still have no idea - what. ... t-1.908757
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'It was quite unnerving': Couple surrounded by horses ... by_horses/
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‘I can’t charge my electric car as council fenced off drive’ – Hull man Adam Storey

Read more: ... z3rmhKfg65
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1) Letter eaten by snail... 'Whole thing very amusing' according to victim in exclusive interview

2) Local radio station shamelessly spends all day promoting own website within news bulletins to get listeners to look at a picture ... by-snails/
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Are the French meant to be grateful that Sam/Steve has finally overlooked his long-held prejudices? :shock:

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Mystery green puddle in Leeds sparks 999 alert ... -1-7605010
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VOTE: Should Kim and Kayne have called their new baby Penge West? ... Penge_West_/
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M&S closes for ten mins after a fire alarm is accidentally set off. ... 42181.html
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