The Tesco & other non-Morrisons supermarket thread

bilky asko
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Martin Phillp wrote:
Sun 12 Jan, 2020 00.58
Considering I have the Nectar app, Sainsbury's are still dishing out paper vouchers in addition to the weekly ones on the app. A complete waste of paper as they're still not tightly targeted to my shop compared to the app.
I've not had any paper ones for a little while since getting the new app. The bonus points "scratchcard" on the app has shot my balance up recently though.

Did anyone look at the 2019 shop summary on the app? I'm apparently a 35% Chilled Sainsbury's shopper.
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bilky asko wrote:
Mon 13 Jan, 2020 11.11
Did anyone look at the 2019 shop summary on the app? I'm apparently a 35% Chilled Sainsbury's shopper.
Fantastic use of customer data there - my friends and family were having a good laugh at the stats it was throwing out.

Supposedly I'm a big buyer of red onions, natural yoghurt and broccoli. In fact, I was the number 1 buyer of red onions in my local store.
Martin Phillp
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My stats included that I'm the number 1 buyer of Innocent Seriously Strawberry in my local store and I like to buy a lot of porridge and fruit bags.
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Pete wrote:
Sun 12 Jan, 2020 17.28
However I spent £115 and only got £9.20 off. Nothing appears to be on the exclusion list however the amount would appear to equal the two sale jumpers I bought. But both are F&F so should be on the deal.
So it turned out that the two jumpers should have appeared as a separate 10% off brands line at the end of the receipt but they've been having issues with scan as you shop not triggering the discounts properly. This took some significant forensics work between myself and the lad on customer services, not helped by Tesco's annoying simplistic receipts. "What's 'steam pot', is that food or a kitchen thing?"

Am already £12 up on the subscription tho, so my jumper was free.
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