The Tesco & other non-Morrisons supermarket thread

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Thu 30 May, 2019 20.16

That's a lot classier than Sainsbury's new effort.
all new Phil
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Fri 31 May, 2019 00.22

I went to an Asda today for the first time in ages, and I’m pleased to report that they have rationalised the number of different fonts on their POS down to around 5.
Square Eyes
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Thu 06 Jun, 2019 22.32

So these Tesco's where they've closed the fresh food counters, do they actually have any plans to do anything with this space?
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Wed 19 Jun, 2019 20.27

After launching Jack's, Tesco have now lurched to the other extreme and is considering launching a chain of high end convenience shops to take on M&S Simply Food.
all new Phil
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Wed 19 Jun, 2019 21.07

Smart move I reckon. Potentially better margins, combined with Tesco’s existing systems and distribution. Nervousness around the economy from Brexit means there’s potentially a lot of people downgrading from eating out to eating something of a decent quality from a supermarket instead.
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Mon 05 Aug, 2019 16.17

Circa 4500 jobs to go in Metro formats as part of simplification (my guess many will turn into express)

Also 134 Express stores to have their opening hours cut.

Stock routines to be simplified as well (less products in shop warehouses)

As usual press informed before staff. ... -jobs.html
Martin Phillp
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Tue 06 Aug, 2019 12.02

The Tesco Metro in Goodge Street, London is probably one of the first to be where Tesco wan't Metro to be in the future.

As you walk in, they have a food counter for Fitzrovia's office workers to create their own meals, with the sandwiches in the same area, there is stock largely left out on the shop floor instead of in the stock room and there are no standard checkouts. Instead there are a large bank of self-checkouts with other customers having to use the kiosk instead.

I'd debate that it's in line with the 70% of their customers who are coming in to spend the minimum, such as the £3 meal deal rather than coming in to do a small daily shop.

Down the road, Sainsbury's converted their large Central to a local and got rid of normal tills for the kiosk/self checkout model.
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all new Phil
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Tue 06 Aug, 2019 12.51

Some vox pops on the news yesterday about this criticising all these self service tills and I hate pressing buttons myself waah waah waah.

Why are people so emotionally attached to the idea of someone sitting there scanning all their shopping when they could just as easily do it themselves? I just don’t understand this expectation.

Worse is shops who still don’t have *any* self service checkouts. The M&S Food Hall near me has none, and neither does the nearby Sainsbury’s Local (despite only being a few years old). Fair enough, the area is full of old people who would be up in arms, but at least cater for those of us who don’t want to queue behind old people faffing with their bags and chatting about the weather by giving us that option to be out in a quarter of the time.
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