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bilky asko
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thegeek wrote:
Tue 26 May, 2020 13.29
I enjoyed this complete non-sequitur of a wrestling reference from cityprod:
cityprod wrote:
Brekkie wrote:He won't be resigning. Very worrying though if they use a daily national health briefing for this. I suspect it'll go as well as yesterday.
I tend to agree here. This government has not generally followed the usual playbook, and the big surprise would be that actually they do follow the usual playbook, and he does resign. Even then, like Vince Russo returning to TNA in secret, I imagine he will still have the ear of Boris Johnson and co, even if not in an official capacity.
It's all an elaborate set up for Dominic Cummings's entry into professional wrestling.
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"Is that your final answer?" indeed.
I'm that guy from that forum. No, not this one.
Martin Phillp
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And now time for cityprod to derail an otherwise sensible conversation about the Bauer radio changes.
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ToasterMan posts something not children's TV presentation related in the YouTube Gold thread!
Jason aka JasonB @TVF
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Any idea what Brekkie, Rolling News & Newsroom have done to deserve their warnings?
Martin Phillp
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tightrope78 wrote:
Tue 02 Jun, 2020 19.51
Any idea what Brekkie, Rolling News & Newsroom have done to deserve their warnings?
I think they all posted political comments which have nothing to do with tv pres.

Brekkie has form for this.
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I know we all used to mock DVB Cornwall's stylised link template, but it would be nice if he quoted his sources for things like this.
DVB Cornwall wrote:Report - Bournemouth - Crystal Palace is the first BBC PL Match on Sat 20 June at 8pm.
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DeMarkay wrote:
Hyperjase wrote:Will this do the trick?

(I created the 6m 18s version from the 56s track, I just found the loop point and copied and pasted several times in Adobe Audition)

This Morning Underscore 6m 18s (fade out)
This Morning Underscore 56s (fade out)
Adobe Audition is such a good program.
So after admonishing someone for being off topic in a request thread, DeMarkay can make a random post like this?!

Anyone would think he's posting just to increase his post count!
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DeMarkay's now getting pissed off that somebody's posted a link to one of his videos on the forum. His attitude stinks.
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I'm slightly confused about his attitude to comments to his mocks when he's currently asking how do you line boxes up in the BBC mock.
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Asa's bringing up of the original Come Fly With Me thread has shown just how opinions have changed over the past 10 years.

For instance, in the original CFWM thread, trivialmatters posted:
As for Matt Lucas 'blacking up' to play Precious, I don't think this should cross an unacceptable line in 2011. Lucas can don wigs to play a lady, slip into a muscle suit to play an American jock, or even use all his acting skills to play a heterosexual man. Why do people still have an issue with a white person playing a black character? Lucas is allowed to put on a fake beard and do a Bradford accent... but if it's a black character, that crosses a line? Taj Manzoor is, arguably, one of the most likeable characters in the programme!
Meanwhile in the Little Britain removed thread, they posted:
Amazing that Come Fly With Me was centred around blackface characters and nobody working on it - from the actors, to the writers, to the crew, to the makeup artist, to the commissioners - ever stopped to think "What are we doing here?" It was made in 2010.
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