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TIGHazard wrote:
Sat 01 Aug, 2020 08.34
Going to assume it was the "Jason has minority heritage so that's more important to the BBC than a white woman".
Are we sure cobbles wasn't another account of James Martin? 😛
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This ‘Donald Trump bans media from nomination’ thread by Ne1LC is surely one of the oddest ever, with precious little relevance to TV presentation!
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Whataday wrote:
Wed 29 Jul, 2020 16.35
For a good few months the place really seems to have taken a turn for the worse. A handful of times since I left I've had a browse for any glimmers of hope but it just feels a such an ugly environment to me now.
I think current circumstances just mean we've had a longer than usual period with a reduced signal to noise ratio. It's like an extended summer holiday period, really. Eventually the newer posters ought to get the hang on the netiquette; get bored and leave; or get the ban hammer.

There's still enough good stuff there to keep me returning - largely posts from people who work in the industry, plus a handful who don't but have been around for long enough to know the ins and outs. I still find out the occasional thing that's going on at work from the forum before I hear it through official channels...
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thegeek wrote:
Mon 03 Aug, 2020 19.01
There's still enough good stuff there to keep me returning
I agree, I particularly liked the recent set design and lighting thread. Also, some of the international presentation and classics threads interest me as it's obviously a quiet time for new presentation over here, and in general.

I just don't go near threads like Presenter Counts, Rotas, GMB or BBC Breakfast as the conversations just go round in circles. I mean - how can anyone still be surprised by The Express publishing clickbait crap about TV shows? Just ignore it, don't post it then discuss it!
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Is TV Forum down at the moment?
Jason aka JasonB @TVF
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Jason wrote:
Mon 03 Aug, 2020 20.46
Is TV Forum down at the moment?
It is:
Read the above post carefully, or there will be consequences.
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