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I've been with my bloke now for nearly 10 years and in that time he has let me down time after time. We are never on time for anything and in some cases i've had to miss events i've really been looking forward to because he has been so late. I've had enough of coming second best even though he claims i'm the most important person in his life. In my eyes actions speak louder than words. He is as dodgy as hell so i am really the sole bread winner. I love him but i'm also terrified of what he'll do if i leave him ( he has madman tendencies). After 10 years together i feel we should try and work through this but i know deep down nothing is going to change no matter how hard i try to make it work. It's like i'm going round in circles busting my arse to make this relationship work for his benefit but as the years go by i'm becoming increasingly unhappy. Our relationship has 2 extremes he either earns money through the dodgiest of ways or sits on his arse and does nothin and i mean nothing... I'm not afraid of being alone but i promised his late mother as she was dying that i would look after him. If i break up with him i will feel like i've let her down.

I'm so unhappy and have been for the last couple of years. I really feel like i've given it my best shot, i bust my arse to make our home a home but it all seems to be wasted.
The house is in my name and has been since we got together.

What the fuck do i do? I'm having real trouble trying to see the bigger picture.
I can't tell you everything about our situation on a public forum as it may incriminate me.

I'm not married ( thank god) do i give up on us and ask him to leave and waste 10 years or try AGAIN to get through to him that he's got to go straight. In all honesty i foresee a bleak future for us if he carries on the way he is. He's 43 now is there any hope of him changing his ways?

Should i stay or should i go?????
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