Yet another Morrisons thread

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all new Phil wrote: Fri 10 Apr, 2020 15.14 Agreed that Morrisons have done a great job with this - just a shame that any social media post they do about it is followed by hundreds of responses from people whinging that they don’t meet their individual exact needs.
Had two of those boxes and been very pleased with it. Going to get the new Meat box next week, which is just meat, £45.

Everything that's been in the boxes are being used except for the cucumber which the neighbour down the road has as I am having to do her shopping for her as she's 85!
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The latest Morrisons visit I had was the closest to normal, in terms of stock levels, yet.

It was funny to see someone collecting their trolley to join the queue, with disposable gloves on, merrily vaping away. Thankfully, they seem to have got a decent cleaning regime in place, having separate areas for clean and used trollies.
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