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hello everyone,

Does anyone know of a good free translation program or web gadget?

I'm trying to translate the 'comments' in some files into various european languages.

A friend has already used a linux technique to create a file containing just the comments, but the translators I've tried so far just jumble everything up, and don't reproduce the lines or page structure.
The structure is important, so we can use some more linux magic to 'insert' the various translations back into the original files afterwards!

So far, I've tried using cut/paste to put the text into the translators as well as feeding in the comments file as a url. (where available)
I'm hoping I'm just doing something simple wrong, such as maybe not using the ideal document type or format, or something.

So any ideas, or is it time to pay for a translator program ?! Would that work any better ? ....

thanks very much for any advice or experience here.
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