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Is it possible to be a regular poster on the blue yonder and remain perfectly sane and able to communicate perfectly normally with other members of the public.

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Wed 25 Feb, 2004 19.32

I'm sure people will be able to add to this, but I'm quite horrified to see that I have the second highest post count, below Sigmund.

And there's me thinking I have crazy social life.

So I pose thee a question. Do you think it is actually possible to post a significant amounts of crap on a forum, yet still be regarded mentally stable and of no danger to others when in public places. A pub pour example. What do I think?

Yes, quite simply.
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Wed 25 Feb, 2004 19.43

It's not the text Row, its the photo people want to see.
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Dr Lobster*
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Wed 25 Feb, 2004 19.55

Well, my social life isn't what you'd describe as hermit either, i go out almost every monday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday night. I think its a habbit, when i'm having a quiet few mins a work i might make a post or two, or if i'm at home like i am right now, i'll be watchin the telly and surfing at the same time.
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Thu 04 Mar, 2004 23.12

Everyone else too scared to comment, lol?
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Fri 05 Mar, 2004 17.10

you're just not worth commenting on Rod.
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Fri 05 Mar, 2004 17.13

Good point.
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