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by Chris
Mon 11 Aug, 2008 13.29
Forum: The Lounge
Topic: Things to do when bored online (and some useful stuff too)
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Re: Things to do when bored online (and some useful stuff to
Was absorbed by a few hours at this one. Fascinating to see stuff that's hidden around us - the photos are well worth taking a look at.
by Chris
Sat 02 Aug, 2008 23.55
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Topic: O2 Network Outages?
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Re: O2 Network Outages?

They are not "free". They are worked into the cost of the contract! ;)
by Chris
Mon 28 Jul, 2008 16.52
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Topic: Faking your email address?
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Re: Faking your email address?

What about using ?
by Chris
Fri 11 Jul, 2008 19.53
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Topic: Microsoft office problem
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Re: Microsoft office problem

I used to get annoyed by this 'running virus scan' crap on my computer when I had Norton Antivirus (2002) and opened up Word files. Try looking in the options within Norton to disable the plugin for scanning office documents - I seem to remember for mine, it was something like that. I've not had Nor...
by Chris
Mon 05 May, 2008 00.22
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Topic: The Official Social Networking Thread
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Re: The Official Social Networking Thread

OK, so I reactivated my facebook... Out of curiousity, why?! I've never really understood the point of social networking websites, and why people are obsessed by it, to the point to which they have to update their status from their phone about whatever they're doing. Honestly, who gives a shit? Ano...
by Chris
Mon 28 Apr, 2008 22.07
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Topic: Cash machine weirdness
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Re: Cash machine weirdness

I noticed this months ago on Natwest ones, when I pressed the Enter button when I leant on the keypad as I fumbled with my wallet to get the card out. Been around for some time apparently, I thought the staff had left the machine in some sort of special mode whilst they were filling it up or somethi...
by Chris
Tue 22 Apr, 2008 23.48
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Topic: Irritating Celebs
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Re: Irritating Celebs

Jodie Marsh
by Chris
Sun 20 Apr, 2008 14.06
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Topic: Your Listening Choices
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Re: Your Listening Choices

Usually I wake up to Wogan or sometimes Moyles if I can be arsed to change the station on my clock radio. For most of the time I either listen to Radio 1 or Radio 2, occasionally dipping into the local stations around this area, which means we have Original 106, Wave 105, Power FM etc. If Sara Cox i...
by Chris
Fri 04 Apr, 2008 14.33
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Topic: Digital Spy Watch News and Information Board
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Re: Digital Spy Watch News and Information Board

I usually don't post in threads like this, but browsing through DS, I couldn't help but feel a bit creeped out by what Simon wrote (in a thread on paedophiles): The solution as I see it is to ban anyone under 18 from using Facebook, MySpace and the like. I have accounts on a couple of these sites, a...
by Chris
Wed 19 Mar, 2008 01.04
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Topic: VirginMedia - your experiences
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Re: VirginMedia - your experiences

Speaking of C&W, I'm about to move flat and VM claim the new place isn't serviced, yet there's a C&W coaxial hookup in the lounge. Anyone know if that necessarily means it's serviced, or whether it's some decayed relic from an old network branch that's long dead? I would have thought you'd ...
by Chris
Sun 16 Mar, 2008 18.14
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Topic: Coded PA Announcements
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Re: Coded PA Announcements

I'm told that Sainsbury's and possibly Homebase, code 100 is a shoplifter.