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by james2001
Wed 22 Jun, 2005 12.51
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Topic: That Fucking Fucking FROG!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Personally, I want to know who's still buying it. The novelty wore off AGES ago and everyone I know is sick of it. But 4 weeks? Who the hell is buying it?
by james2001
Sat 04 Jun, 2005 23.12
Forum: The Lounge
Topic: Yet another rant at Morrisons
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I know the big Tesco at Mansfield BTW - my grandma lives just round the corner - I didn't know the Garden Centre was no more though. You must be really slow then! It was closed in 1995 and demolished in 1996! When it comes to morrisons, I dislike it as well, though my mum likes it for some reason. ...