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by Andrew
Tue 20 Apr, 2004 23.00
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Topic: Comet Logo
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When Safeway, pre-takeover, invested so much in the modernisation of their stores and not that long ago operated huge TV advertising campaigns to raise the profile of their brand (remember the 'Harry and Sally' ads?), it seems a bit ridiculous to replace it with the comparatively obscure Morrisons ...
by Andrew
Tue 20 Apr, 2004 22.39
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Topic: Can anyone tell me why British Rail became privatised?
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A can of Pepsi was 85p Though the franchise was given to First North Western and Keolis, can't say I've heard of Keolis, FNW are more known for the slower service to Manchester, but they are more reliable. Blimey a can of pepsi 85p thats silly. Arriva Transpennie off with it head :lol: I do believe...
by Andrew
Sat 03 Apr, 2004 22.43
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Topic: GER, Anglia, Stanstead Express & WAGN, and the rename is
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The old BR symbol is used by ATOC. I presume that its use has continued because almost everyone knew what it stood for - why change it if it's so well known? Yes thats right and the old BR symbol now actually stands for "National Rail", which basically is an overall name for all 'proper' rail servi...