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by nwtv2003
Wed 24 Mar, 2010 13.40
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Topic: Yet another Morrisons thread
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Re: Yet another Morrisons thread

Alexia wrote:Looks like there was another one before that.

We had a Sainsburys that used to look VERY similar to that Asda, although it isn't like that now as they rebuilt the front of it.
by nwtv2003
Fri 12 Mar, 2010 20.54
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Topic: The UK is on Google Street View!
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Re: The UK is on Google Street View!

I was having a flick through Warrington on it then, I drove past the Opel Astra with the camera on top when it was by work, although I myself am not on Street view, but you can see my car on the works car park, closest I'll get I suppose.

Good to see online though.
by nwtv2003
Thu 18 Feb, 2010 20.19
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Topic: Tea
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Re: Tea

- Bag of PG Tips in cup
- Pour boiling hot water in
- Let it brew for about 2/3 minutes
- Stir, push teaspoon against the bag, lob the bag in the bin
- Splash of Semi skimmed, another stir.... and drink.
by nwtv2003
Thu 10 Dec, 2009 09.27
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Topic: The great beverage debate.
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Re: The great beverage debate.

I prefer Tea, although I do like Coffee, especially Cappuccino, but that's nonsense about having Tea in a Coffee Shop, most Coffee shop's do tend to provide loads of different types of Tea, so people must be buying the stuff. I've only had Starbucks Tea once and it was quite nice, but I only tend to...
by nwtv2003
Tue 01 Dec, 2009 19.30
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Topic: What is the Co-op known as where you are?
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Re: What is the Co-op known as where you are?

We originally the Co-Op then they had a period during the 1990's when all the shops were rebranded Late Shop or Co-Op Late Shop. We used to have a big Co-Op in Warrington town centre, that became a Co-Op Gate House that became TJ Hughes. All the food stores have been rebranded into The Co-Operative ...
by nwtv2003
Mon 16 Nov, 2009 22.29
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Topic: The Tesco & other non-Morrisons supermarket thread
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Re: Tesco Image Thread (and other supermarkets)

I came across a morrisons self service till in another town recently and was amazed at the over the top money insertion system, it was rather fab. Our local Morrisons had the self serve installed recently, although most of the time I pay by card, the one time I did use coins I was amazed at that, i...
by nwtv2003
Fri 02 Oct, 2009 16.06
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Topic: Old Supermarkets(/buildings)
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Re: Old Supermarkets(/buildings)

The other day I went to a great 'old' Tesco: Tesco in Wembley, London. Now I looked for ages on Google Images for a photo (and failed), which is a shame as it's quite a sight. This one ? They had one in Irlam, Greater Manchester that used to look like that, but it got pulled down and replaced with ...
by nwtv2003
Tue 08 Sep, 2009 22.06
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Topic: Another High Street Rebrand
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Re: Another High Street Rebrand

Going slightly OT, but I'm going back to Woolworths here, in Warrington they've recently started fitting out the old store again, apparently it's going to be called 'AsCo' with the slogan of 'A real alternative', don't know whether it's just Warrington or if they're going to open a few of them, not ...
by nwtv2003
Tue 08 Sep, 2009 22.03
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Topic: How long does your phone take to boot?
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Re: How long does your phone take to boot?

My Sony Ericsson C905 takes about 30 seconds to boot up and then about another 5-10 before you can do anything. Although as said I've had older phones go faster, I had a Nokia 3310 that used to be quite fast, shame it died though.
by nwtv2003
Tue 11 Aug, 2009 14.40
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Topic: Sayers (the poor man's Greggs)
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Re: Sayers (the poor man's Greggs)

It's still open in Warrington, they used to have a massive Sayers Cafe there, but it fell victim to redevelopment of the Golden Square, there are quite alot of them in Liverpool.

Although I prefer Greggs.
by nwtv2003
Wed 15 Jul, 2009 18.43
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Topic: What's happened to Head?
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Re: What's happened to Head?

I'll miss Head when it's gone, the one in Liverpool is really great, but it's still got loads of stock as it's a relatively new store, part of the Liverpool 1 development. When I bought some stuff the first time I went in, I did ask the guy whether this would be permanent and he told me they'd proba...