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by tillyoshea
Tue 13 Apr, 2004 10.51
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Topic: Where are they now... companies that bit the bullet
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Johnny83 wrote:Cash Converters (these now come up as various names now)
There's still an orignal Cash Converters in Stockton.
by tillyoshea
Sun 15 Feb, 2004 19.09
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Topic: Do You believe in God ?
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he revealed that he had a serious disease (I think it was Parkinson's but if not it was some other serious debilitating condition) and treatment he'd received to control it has taken 20 years off his life, never mind the other years that will be taken off his life because of the condition itself. T...
by tillyoshea
Thu 22 Jan, 2004 18.51
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Topic: Blair's worst week
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Plus of course we've got the Hutton inquiry publication next Wednesday. Which way this will go remains to be seen but I reckon this will fall mainly at the government's door although I don't believe the BBC will get off scot-free either. I think the Beeb might come off very badly from this - I woul...