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by PATV Scunthorpe
Fri 08 Apr, 2022 15.37
Forum: Birdsong
Topic: New BBC Sounds 'Back to Back Sounds' stations
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New BBC Sounds 'Back to Back Sounds' stations

From today the BBC have launched twelve new 'Back to Back Sounds' stations, unlike Radio 1 Dance and Relax which broadcast like traditional radio stations, these are more like playlists of existing and new shows reflecting the themes of each station, they can be found under the 'Music' tab. Three fa...
by PATV Scunthorpe
Sat 23 Oct, 2021 12.10
Forum: The Lounge
Topic: TV Live Forum Watch News and Information Board
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Re: TV Live Forum Watch News and Information Board

I would agree with most of the points made, like T0M, I do think there has been a rise in the overrating of threads, people may say quality over quantity, but I think the two work hand in hand, it should look good, but there should be some substance behind it, more than just one example that then ge...
by PATV Scunthorpe
Wed 30 Jun, 2021 15.56
Forum: Birdsong
Topic: Grimmy leaves Radio 1
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Grimmy leaves Radio 1

Just been announced that Nick Grimshaw is leaving Radio 1 after 14 years. Vick Hope & Jordan North are co-hosting the 3:30pm - 6pm Drivetime show from September, and after guest presenting over the last few months, Dean McCullough is join...
by PATV Scunthorpe
Thu 22 Apr, 2021 17.22
Forum: Birdsong
Topic: BBC Radio 1 Relax
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Re: BBC Radio 1 Relax

The special of Annie's Powerdown Playlist is for Earth Day, so I imagine they planned an Earth Day launch for Radio 1 Relax as well.
by PATV Scunthorpe
Tue 20 Apr, 2021 10.20
Forum: Birdsong
Topic: Annie Mac to leave Radio 1
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Annie Mac to leave Radio 1

After 17 years presenting (19 overall), Annie Mac has announced she's leaving Radio 1 at the end of July to spend more time with her family. Therefore, some of the schedule changes from September include: Clara Amfo taking over Future...