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by Re-it-er-ate
Thu 13 May, 2004 16.24
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Topic: Have you ever won anything on the Lottery?
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£10 are my total net earnings!
by Re-it-er-ate
Mon 12 Apr, 2004 07.56
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Topic: Where are they now... companies that bit the bullet
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"The Leeds" Building Society was taken over by Halifax, which is now HBOS - after merging with Bank of Scotland.
by Re-it-er-ate
Fri 30 Jan, 2004 17.29
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Topic: Do you smoke?
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I'm not a fan of smoking at all. I think the smell is awful, the cost is astronomical and then the health issues in later life. The best cure is not to start in the first place - but if people want to smoke let them providing no one else suffers as a result from their fumes.
by Re-it-er-ate
Wed 24 Dec, 2003 09.39
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Topic: Test the Nation
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SteveL wrote:*GASP* I don't believe that, I got 48 too!

I can't remember exactly what questions I got right/wrong, but I definatly got this one right
lol - i should hope so too ;)

I got 57 right - 2 more than Micheal Buerk!
by Re-it-er-ate
Sun 26 Oct, 2003 09.32
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Topic: British Summer Time
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Around 2am they go back don't they?

This means in theory the news channels clocks would go 1.57..1.58..1.59..1.00..1.01....?

Another hour on air for the overnight presenter?